• Arround Wrexham by Guillaume Rame

    Wrexham is a town of the walles , which contains around her of numerous villages as well as fields to raise sheeps. For this month and half past here, I made several hikes with my roommates, to discover the landscapes of the country of gall.

    Arround Wrexham by Guillaume Rame

    We began by having a walk around the city, we discovered it numerous natural reserves, which are of use in particular to the walk of Sunday for the inhabitants (in effects during an exit in the week, we met only some people, whereas on Sundays with the same weather report the park was much more occupied).

    Arround Wrexham by Guillaume Rame

    What I retain of these strolls it is that wrexham is surrounded with pasture for sheeps but also with old coal mines. We afterward travelled a little farther, on the quotation of the country of gall, we were able to discover two other cities Conwy and Landuno. The city of Conwy shelters a old castle furthermore, it is strengthened, a little as Avignon to make a comparison with a French city.

    Unfortunately, during our passage, almost everything was closed, the summer season beginning at the end of March. After this stop in conwy we pursued in the direction of Landuno, seaside city, which reminds us strangely the city of Nice, we had a walk, then to discover a old undermine we let us have of rise at the top of the nearby hill, what allowed us at the same time to appreciate the sight, this was only short-term, because a thunderstorm burst and we have to turn back.

    Arround Wrexham by Guillaume Rame

    Finally, I would say that the landscapes of Wales are highly varied, we can so much have the sea, the campaign, the mountain, we have not more than big cities to be visited.

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