• Football versus Rugby in Wrexham by Ciais Mathieu


    Before my arrival in Wrexham I had an arrested idea of the sport in Wales. I thought that they like football and love the rugby but after two weeks in this town my opinion had change.

    I explain me, with any friends we love football in France and the Barclays Premier League of United Kingdom is the best championship for me. And after two match in the same pub we talked with any Welsh men’s who watched the match with our. And I was so surprise after our opinion exchange against the football.

    All welsh peoples prefer football than rugby in the north east of Wales and the two best English team who they support are Liverpool FC and Manchester United FC. This football culture could be explained with the proximity of England because Liverpool is situating at just ninety minutes by train of Wrexham.

    Even if they like Liverpool and Manchester, the Reds Dragons Wrexham FC which is just in the fifth league championship is in all the Hearth of Wrexham supporter’s of football.

    I refound the football culture of proximity which is the same less develops in France. We will go to see the next match of Wrexham FC to discover the environment in the stadium.

    However, for the rugby in Wrexham is the national team which make the unanimity and not the Crusaders and we asked the question “why” at any supporters and they explained our that is in the south of Wales and principally with Cardiff where the rugby passion dominate against football.

    So to conclude my article, I would like to say that it’s very funny to talk about with any strangers who have the same passion for the sport and opposite our point of view against our team in different championship.

    My next article will deals with the religion Good bye!!!

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