• Glyndwr University

    Glyndwr University was established 120 years ago. At the beginning it was called University of Wales but in july 2008 it should change its name to Glyndwr University. The campus extends over 90 hectares and includes differents courses: engineeering, medecine, history.

    To get there is a bus service with a shop just outside the entrance; you can also get around on foot(for us the university is located 20 minutes from our home).

    Finally this university welcomes many foreign students to promote cultural exchanges. More than 8,000 students from across the world.

    - Men 50% and women 50%

    - Home 74% and overseas 26%

    - State school intake 100%

    - Student/staff radio 19.5:1


    Reasearch standards:

    The university has eight research centers, including the Center for Applied Internet Research and the Materials Science Research Centre. The Glyndŵr University's Centre for Solar Energy Research is one of the UK's leading centre for photovoltaics research.

    For aviation the university has established a new advanced materials centre at wrexham in association with Airbus UK. In the university, we have a flight simulator and different parts of plane for study the mechanical properties of the plane. A department is also reserved for motor technique with the support of the Toyota brand, this workshop is also for designed a car for a challenge with other English university which takes place every year in June on theSilverstone raceway.

    Students ‘facility

    In terms of the resources available to students, we have internet access in all The university, in addition to computer rooms are reserved for students. We have different cafeteria, including a school cafeteria. Finally library includes several books that we might need. These are classified by type of study (computer engineer). The library isgrouped on three floors.


    Students Union:

    The Students' Guild is run by students for students. Its building has everything you'd expect - a bar,careers center, welfare advice centre and more. And if you want to do some party outside, an excellent road and rail links connect Wrexham with Manchester and Liverpool about one hour,and there are directs train services to Cardiff and London.



    Sport is a great place at university; in fact it has two college football field and a stadium dedicated to the biggest game he welcomes the meetings of the club from the town of wrexham. In addition, a gym is put at disposal for various activities such as gym, badminton, handball, basketball and many other sports.

    Finally, it can also distract the gym open to all for 15 pounds by me, it includes all the necessary maintenance of the body devices, and for the most combative of us reserved a sport hall combat is also avaible.


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