• London 2 by Guillaume Rame

    On Saturday, we still have the chance, we have the sun like friday. But we decided to take the subway to facilitate our travels, the price of a day travel is about 8 £ 70

    we take our breakfast strarbuck because it’s really good and not really expensive , then we decided to visit the district of Knightsbridge for discover the famous Harrods and at the same time do some shopping.

    London 2 by Guillaume Rame


    Then around 11am we went to Buckingham to see the changing of the guard that we had missed on Friday .For the lunch , we went to eat at Planet Hollywood, this is not really god food, it’s  just hamburger or pizza but the ambiance is very nice, the scenery is done with objects that have been used in some films.

    London 2 by Guillaume Rame


    The program for the afternoon was very simple, we visited in detail the district of Soho with its huge showroom m & m's and in the late afternoon we went to prepare us for the evening and the famous bars and night club of London .

    London 2 by Guillaume Rame

    Finally the day of Sunday was dedicated to visiting the museums including the British Museum and the National Gallery, I’m not a really  big fan of museums especially when painting museum so with Nicolas we spent our time searching for the room  where James bond was at the national gallery in the movie Skyffall .

    London 2 by Guillaume Rame

    For the Lunch we eat at restaurant chain Hard Rock Café , then we again went to the area of ​​the city to see if we can climb to the top floor of the Shard tower, but it was not possible.

    London 2 by Guillaume Rame



    The end of the day having arrived, we take our bags and head for the bus station to go to Wrexham this weekend was the best passed since our arrival in the United kingdom

    London 2 by Guillaume Rame

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