• London by guillaume Rame

    For diversify our weekends I spent with marina, Ahmed and Nicolas a weekend in London. To do this, we booked a hostel in the suburbs of London as well as train and bus to get there ( it is possible to take the bus but being late booking , we opted for the train + bus).

    The trip lasted almost 7 hours, but we discovered the other side of England, which also we were not too out of place because there are plenty of pasture. Once there , we had to take the subway, and we lost almost 2 hours , the problem of organization and orientation I think, is to say that without this card is not obvious .


    22h here we finally arrived at our hostel. We take possession of the room and then towards the bed because the next day we get up early.

    Friday 7:30am: Everyone standing we will head towards the city center to find a starbuck to take our breakfast and how lucky the sun is with us 9am: Once the stomach is full, we made on the program of the day, so we have the we can't take the subway, so we decided to visit the most important places and also to shops on the famous Oxford Streets also to shops on the famous Oxford Streets.

    London by guillaume Rame

    12am:, once the store made , we must now find food , the most easiest is to go to McDonald's, and we can enjoy the wifi and therefore communicate with other students in London.

    1pm: : After the lunch, we walked along the Tamise for see the Golden bridge , then we did a little trip in the city, the ride was very nice, but at 6pm we decide to go to our flat for preparing ourself for the evening. 9pm: Back in the district of Soho , we ate at an Asian restaurant and then we headed to a bar to spend our first night in London.

    London by guillaume Rame


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