• Religions in Wales by Mathieu Ciais

    How I said in my last article, I will talk about the religions in Wales:

    Wales’s origins are the druidism which was the main foundation of Celtic civilization in Wales before the 1st century. But during the romain conquest all the druids was killed and gradually the druidism disappeared.

    It was in the 6th century that the Christianity took root, with Saint David the first diocese of Wales. Saint David’s day is the national day in Wales and we had the luck to celebrate that during our stay in Wrexham. A lot of persons was dressing in leek or had the traditional welsh kilt.

    Today, Christianity is the main religion in Wales a few less 60%, but more than 30% of the population doesn’t believe in no god.

    But in Wales the Christianity is divided into three parts, the Anglican Church in Wales, the Catholic Church and the Independent Churches. The three churches are not very different a part of the Independent Churches; the Anglican Church in Wales is more turn to the English culture.

    For the Catholic Church, a part of the population is stranger the main are english and irish but there are a lot of europeans peoples to composite this church.

    A large part of Welsh population is protestant and they frequent the Independent Churches, the Presbyterian Church, the Union of Welsh Independents, and the Baptist Union. I made a tour of the country and I visited Llanduno, Conwy and Bangor in the North. Aberystwyth and Aberaeron in the West and Cardiff in the south and all the time the church that I saw the most was the Protestant’s Church.

    Despite a large number of believers, just less 10% are practicing, and when i talked with different welsh young person or older, it was always the time the same thing: "oh yes i am beliver but i don't practise a lot, i am not often going at the church".


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