• Sheep Shaggers by Alexandre Berenguer

    Hello everybody today I would like to talk about a famous walesh expression: »sheep-shaggers » We often hear this word in wrexham but what the hell is a sheep-shagger?

    I asked some wales people and most of the time they old to me that is referring to the welsh shaggim sheep it’s used as an insult to welsh people really?


                   Welsh history

    Shepp shagger is a race that is misunderstood by their neighbours, the English due to their craftiness and intelligent. The English call the welsh sheep-saggers due to an old trick used by the welsh against their gullible English neighbor in medieval times, when the English had a nasty habit of fucking sheep. When wales adopted English law they noticed the penalty for shagging a sheep was less than stealing one, so whenever they were caught stealing a sheep, they would instead say they were planning  ti fuck it instead to avoid the fire. Therefore there is a very long list of crimes involving Welshman shagging a sheep although it is only the English who would actually ever fuck a sheep it is just another example of the welsh kicking the English once again.

                    English man:” you are going to have your hand chopped off with an axe because you stole a sheep.”

                    Welsh man: ” I was in fact taking the sheep to fuck.”


                    English man: ” Oh, that’s good then our law endorse sheep shaggers. You will have to lose a finger.”

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