• Student life by Alexandre Berenguer

    We went in Wrexham. It is a ninth city from the north of the Wales. This city is famous for its university: Glyndwr. Previously, it was called North East Wales Institute of Higher Education (NEWI). So, that proves that it is an important university. Wrexham is an important city, but the center of this town looks like a village. Because it’s not so touristic, it is calm, and they have been succeding to keep a kind of conviviality and simplicity in town. Nevertheless, Glyndwr University keeps the life in Wrexham city. Because, for example, during Easter holidays, there was nobody, the streets were desert. Thus, in this cultural aspect we are talking about the local youth. We are going to focus mainly on student, particulary because they are the soul of Wrexham. First, I want to explain to you the traditional student life in Glyndwr University. Basically, student arrived in September for two semesters, until the end of May. First, they have two weeks of freshes week (student integration to meet other student). I heard it is a huge party. You have to know, in Wrexham, it's a kind of village, because you stay and meet every time the same persons. So it's important to be in the student community. Lecture : After that, lecture takes time to start, but set off in October. The timetable of Glyndwr student is not busy, and more if you are European or international student. On average, 10 to 15 hours per week. To compare with the France it is very low. Nevertheless, it is not the same education system. Indeed, you are just few lecture hours, but, we have to study by ourselves. This education concept allows us to develop our autonomy, learn us to look for good sources on internet or in the library, but also, to communicate. In this kind of assignment, need to be aware of all the information sources. It is really important to talk about your project with other student, even if you aren't in the same lecture as them. It is at this time, that the student community is really important. And in this case, you learn a lot of information about your topic. And this education is quite intelligent because, your learning is not limited by just your lecture like in France. Because, basically, we learn our lesson, but in this way, you have to find, what is interesting to you, in your own opinion. And this is the most interesting part, but technically, it is difficult, and more for European student, because we never use to learn in this way. So at the beginning, it is hard to find motivation, because we are a lot of free time, but we want to go sightseeing, or go in town ... but definitively not working. Party: in Wrexham, party or hang depend of the day of the week.

    On Monday night, you can sing Karaoke in the Student Guild on the campus or go to Chester (20 minutes by train) for an amazing party. On Tuesday night, you should prepare yourself for the Chicago's party on Wednesday. This is the most important student night of the week. These Wednesday parties are organized by UnderGrad. This organization allows to have a cameraman, cheap entry in this night club (2£), cheap drinks (2£), and a free cloakroom. And there are often themes like, "Sumo suits", "Heroes Vs Villain", Smurf", "summer holiday" ... It's really user-friendly. If you want more information about Undergrad and the next theme of the party.Afterwards, parties start again on Friday and Saturday nights. The best place is the Liquid. There are 2 different levels with different kind of music. The price is more expensive than the Chicago but with student card is 3£ instead of 6£.

    Rugby matches: In Wrexham, there is not every time party. On the whole, Welsh like rugby and they are proud of them team. So, during a rugby match, go to IronWork, it's a huge pub definitively sympatic and with a really good atmosphere!

    To be relax:

    You should go to the park on a sunny day. There are two parks in Wrexham, a small one behind of Argos. An other, bigger and beautiful, close to Tesco. At least, we used to organize barbecue in front of the "student village" accommodation and played football.

    To conclude, all the moment in Wrexham was worth living. Be European student is definitely a great life experience. Don't forget to use your free time to travel and organize some trip with other student, it is a good occasion to improve your English. Even if it's a bit expensive to travel, it's worth it!

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