• Welsh Gastronomy by Mathieu Ciais

    Hello, this article deals with the welsh gastronomy;

    During my tour of the country, I have discovered a lot of local specialty in Wales so I will present you the main traditional meals that you can found in all the country.

    First, the special welsh breakfast consists of bacon, mushrooms, poached eggs, tomatoes, and a special local sausage. I explain me, if the breakfast is not preparing with industrial food, it’s with the local ingredients and each region cooker has a recipe for stuffing different.

    And secondly, lunch or dinner,

    For the beginning the special starter in Wales is the traditional soup with any different ingredient every day. I tested a soup with gorgonzola, broccoli and onion, in general I don’t like broccoli but I loved this soup and just for that I begin to eat more and more broccoli with any different cook.  

    For the main dish, you can take the traditional fish and chips but the main specialty in Wales is the cook based in sheep. During my journey I say more sheep than people in 3 days, there are some horse and cow. In France we eat lamb and in Wales they eat sheep. I tested once on this specialty, a stuffed pie with braised lamb accompanied by peas and chips.

    For the desert, I found the same desert than in England, the crumble, a cake made of apple and the special pudding and his jelly legendary.



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