• Welsh speaking by guillaume Rame

    Welsh speaking by guillaume Rame



    Welsh is the language spoken by a portion (22 % anyway)of the people of Wales ( and oddly Argentina too). A language that does not sound like English for a penny. School says ysgol for example , what could be more logical that the university says Prifysgol (chief school + ) ? And they can enjoy themselves to remove a lot of vowels and consonants to add the full one after the other.

    Os gwelwch yn dda  for example say please, which seems unpronounceable . It is not for nothing that this is a small Welsh village that holds the record for the longest village name in Europe : Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, yes I know it’s a very long word, but it’s funny to try to prononciate it. But it is pleasant enough , even exotic to hear such language.

    Then even speaking English , Welsh keep this deep focus that would raise Texans for linguists. We must make a constant effort to understand , sometimes I asked my other flatmate " What did he say ? ", " Thank you ," Okay Well obviously I 'm not laughing , I really do not be either a model pronunciation for foreigners wishing to learn French with me !

    The protection of the language is also provided , with 20 % of children in the region are well educated in Welsh first language and its study is compulsory to age 16 for all. A good initiative so! If you would like to learn the language of Catherine Zeta- Jones (yes , she is Welsh , need another motivation? ) you can go on the web site of the university and you can find a dictionary.

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