• Wrexham

    Hello everybody, today we are going to talk about the city of Wrexham.

      So, Wrexham is a city which counted approximately 43123 inhabitants on febury 2nd 2014. It's the biggest city about the north of the country. Placed east oh the region between the Cambian Mounts and the low valley of the dee and the near the border with Cheshire in England. Wrexham is the first shopping mall of the Welsh. The city is classified as 9th the biggest ofvWales and its urbain area is the 4th after Cardiff, Swansea and Newport.


    A few of history:

      The first testimonies of the human activity in the region of Wrexham go back up in the neighborhood of 1600 before J.C. The first known etablishment was mentionned under yhe name "Wrentham Caslte" a clod castrale created in 1161 situated in what is now known under the name Erick Park. King Edouard of England briefly stayed at Wrexham during his expedition to repress the revolt of Madog av Llywelyn in 1294. Wrexham was divided into two different cantons, Wrexham Regis and Wrexham Abbot. In the XVIII century, Wrexham was known for its leather industry. There were swindlers and tanners in the city. The horns of cattle were used to make articles such as combs and buttom. There was also an industry of cloutery. The industrial revolution began to Wrexham in 1762 when the contractor John Wilkinson known under the name MAD Wilkinson, created the Bershan Ironworks company. On November 21st, 2012, Wrexham was the scene of the factory of the last typewriter in Great Britain in the factory of the company Brother.



    Wrexham shelters an antenna of the University of Wales, "Glyndwr University".



    Wrexham owes his development to his market Wrexham 13 one of zones which is the most industrialized in Wales. Brasseries and cool mines were for a long time both economic pillars of the city.



    In Wrexham two sports dominate, football and rugby. The club f soccer of Wrexham AFC defends the colors of the city. And the club of Crusaders is the rugby club league playing in Great league. Other sports, hockey, Basketball, Athletics, roller derby, golf, netherball and tennis.



    St Giles is the Parish Church of Wrexham and is considered to be the greatest medieval church in Wales. It includes a colourful cellin of flying musical angels, two early eagles, a window by the artist Edward Burne-Jones and the Royal Welch Fusiliers Chapel. Saint Richerd Gwyn Wrexham's Catholic patron saint.



    Arts: Wrexham hosted the National Eisteddfod in 1888, 1912, 1933 and 1977. Wrexham has a number of threahers including the Grova Park Theatre on Vicarage Hill, the Riverside Studio Theatre at Wrexham Musical Theatre Society on Salop Road.

    Science: Every March the town hosts the Wrexham Science Festival. Over 9000 visitors attended events in 2007, making the event one of the biggest of its king. Wrexham is also home to a branch of techniquest know as Techniquest Glyndwr. The science discovery central is situated within Glyndwr University's Plas Coch Campus.


    Music: Wrexham has built a vibrant music scene over the last fun years. A raft of live music venues has developped around the core of the town including the largestvenue Central Station. The student guild of Glyndwr University also provide regular live music shows. The scene is dominated by up and comming local bands and the town has become know as a hot bed of talent in the rock, indie and alternative music.

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  • How you can come to Wrexham?

    By plane: 

    Why not, but Wrexham hasn’t got an airport. You can take the plane and arrive to Liverppol, Manchester, London or Cardiff but after that, you will have to take a train or a car to meet Wrexham.

    By Train: 

    Wrexham is located at ten minutes to Chester, the biggest town of the north of Wales, one hour of Liverpool and one hour and half of Manchester and you can stop you in once on the five railway stations of the city, Wrexham General, Wrexham Central, Gwersyllt, Ruabon and Chirk. An others solution you can take the Eurostar Paris to London.

    By car: 

    How I said, you can let a rent a car after your arrival at the airport, however you can come from France with your car you can take the ferry in Caen or Calais. And if the money is not a problem for you, take a taxi and you will not have any problems for the journey to Wrexham.


    How move in Wrexham?

    By Bus:

    WCBC Bus services: There are more 30 lines of bus in Wrexham to serve the city and his surroundings with several taxi bus, School Transport, public transport etc…

    By taxi:

    There are several companies of taxi in Wrexham for every budget. They mostly work all day. You can take it to visit the city or the most practicle to go out in night club and return in life.

    On walk:

    If weather permits to walk, (no I just kidding) Wrexham is not high but it’s a very beautiful city and I never get tired to look them. You can walk to your university, visit several churches, go to the stadium for a football match or in a pub downtown.




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  • Glyndwr University was established 120 years ago. At the beginning it was called University of Wales but in july 2008 it should change its name to Glyndwr University. The campus extends over 90 hectares and includes differents courses: engineeering, medecine, history.

    To get there is a bus service with a shop just outside the entrance; you can also get around on foot(for us the university is located 20 minutes from our home).

    Finally this university welcomes many foreign students to promote cultural exchanges. More than 8,000 students from across the world.

    - Men 50% and women 50%

    - Home 74% and overseas 26%

    - State school intake 100%

    - Student/staff radio 19.5:1


    Reasearch standards:

    The university has eight research centers, including the Center for Applied Internet Research and the Materials Science Research Centre. The Glyndŵr University's Centre for Solar Energy Research is one of the UK's leading centre for photovoltaics research.

    For aviation the university has established a new advanced materials centre at wrexham in association with Airbus UK. In the university, we have a flight simulator and different parts of plane for study the mechanical properties of the plane. A department is also reserved for motor technique with the support of the Toyota brand, this workshop is also for designed a car for a challenge with other English university which takes place every year in June on theSilverstone raceway.

    Students ‘facility

    In terms of the resources available to students, we have internet access in all The university, in addition to computer rooms are reserved for students. We have different cafeteria, including a school cafeteria. Finally library includes several books that we might need. These are classified by type of study (computer engineer). The library isgrouped on three floors.


    Students Union:

    The Students' Guild is run by students for students. Its building has everything you'd expect - a bar,careers center, welfare advice centre and more. And if you want to do some party outside, an excellent road and rail links connect Wrexham with Manchester and Liverpool about one hour,and there are directs train services to Cardiff and London.



    Sport is a great place at university; in fact it has two college football field and a stadium dedicated to the biggest game he welcomes the meetings of the club from the town of wrexham. In addition, a gym is put at disposal for various activities such as gym, badminton, handball, basketball and many other sports.

    Finally, it can also distract the gym open to all for 15 pounds by me, it includes all the necessary maintenance of the body devices, and for the most combative of us reserved a sport hall combat is also avaible.


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